Bunk Beds and Celing Fans in Rental Accommodation


From 21 October 2013 bunk beds supplied in short-term rental accommodation in Queensland (Australia) were required to meet mandatory safety standards. The purpose of the new Fair
Trading (Safety Standards) Regulation 2011 covering bunk beds is to keep children safe while they are staying away from home.

Originally introduced in 2011 there has been a two year grace period to allow suppliers to make the transition to the new regulations. Compliance affects a wide range of tourism and hospitality suppliers such as holiday homes, school camps, student accommodation, tourist parks, and rental units.

According to the Office of Fair Trading, which is an agency of the Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney-General, bunk beds are involved in many preventable childhood injuries. Approximately 450 children are treated each year in Queensland hospital emergency departments as a result of an injury related to bunk beds. 85% of the injuries are the direct result of a fall from a bunk bed, with most injuries suffered by children aged between 5 and 9 years old.

The introduction of these new regulations provides a timely opportunity to examine both the safety of bunk beds more generally in tourism and hospitality accommodation, as well as the related issue of ceiling fan safety. As the Queensland regulations address well identified medical evidence there may be implications for tourism and hospitality services in other jurisdictions.

Jeff Wilks
Travel Law Quarterly


The new regulation raised our concern on bunk bed, and the accidents related to children and bunk bed.
Since children may not be familiar to environment during tours and in hospitals, examine beds would thus be essential to prevent incidents happen again. We may work to prevent every things to prevent one accident being happen.


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