e-Health Promotion@EdUHK is an establishment of the Community of Practice (CoP) on a Web 2.0 platform to co-create innovative evidence-based health promotion practices for educators and student-educators to promote healthy lifestyles in school and community settings. These innovative practices were experimented under the supervision of learners’ teaching practice, health education practice, internship or honour projects which were then uploaded to a Web 2.0 platform for peer critique, reflection, refinement and wider applicability with an aim to establish a CoP on effective health promotion practices.

It is envisaged that student-teachers/health educators will learn:

• as researchers, undertaking the inquiry-based health promotion activities;
• as participants and co-learners in the CoP to co-construct shared knowledge on effective health promotion practices;
• as audience or observers by involving in research-oriented learning, with emphasis on teaching processes of knowledge construction on effective health promotion strategies; and
• as lifelong learners in the CoP when they become the practicing teachers after graduation by engaging in sustained situated and distributed learning.

Stakeholders and students of local institutions will join in the CoP as facilitators or participants upon press promotion of the CoP while teachers or student-teachers/ health educators/stakeholders on global level will join in the CoP as audience/active participants/facilitators upon the successful promotion and establishment of CoP.

"Looking forward to being engaged in the sustained interaction at the CoP site."

On behalf of e-Health Promotion@EdUHK, I would like to invite you to be our members and please feel free to conduct peer review or critique on the health practices being uploaded to the site. You are most welcome to submit your effective health promotion practices to the CoP for ongoing building of best shared health practices as well.

Dr Ada Ma
CoP Leader of e-Health Promotion@EdUHK
The Education University of Hong Kong


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